Coach Ramon

Ramon Zugazaga was born in 1946 in Guernica, Vizcaya Spain. He immigrated to the United States when he was 18 years old. Like many Basque migrants, Ramon was a sheepherder before finding his calling to be a cook. He is famous for owning and cooking in the Biltoki Basque Restaurant for 30 years in addition to being prominent in the Basque community, being highly involved at the Elko Basque Club, cooking at most luncheons and festivals, and being an all-around good guy that values hard work, honesty, and a good sense of humor.

Ramon started coaching Elko Indar Futbol Club around 1991. His dedication to coaching is apparent in the time he puts into the teams. He is first on the field and last to leave. It’s not just standing on the sidelines, he is on the field actively engaging, playing, and coaching each girl and all girls, getting them to reach their potential as individuals and as a team. When he named the team “Indar,” which loosely translates to “strength” in the Basque language, it helps define his expectations.

Indar travels to San Sebastian in the Basque Country of Spain every 3-5 years to play in the Donosti Cup where Ramon enjoys showing the Indar family his hometown and neighboring areas. This is a unique opportunity for girls to play internationally while enjoying Basque culture. Many Indar alumni and their families find it an unforgettable experience.

Ramon and his wife Jane are parents to two children and have two grandsons, of whom they are incredibly proud. Beyond soccer he enjoys hunting, traveling, playing handball, and bettering all the lives he possibly can.


Elko Indar Futbol Club Youth and Adult gear may be purchased through SquadLocker:  tanks, tees, long sleeves, hoodies, headbands and hats.



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